Monday 13 November 2017

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy {13.11.17}

I've been a bit distant from the blog recently. I haven't wanted to, but something's just not felt right about my content, it's not been as creative and exciting as I want it to be. This week I'm finding the time to sit down, to put pen to paper, re-thinking what now feels a bit stale and how I can re-invent it in more exciting ways, for both myself and readers. Watch this space...

But to kick of what's going to be a fun and full-on week, I thought I'd pop up one of my favourite posts looking over what's made me happy over the past week or so. Positive vibes for a Monday!

1. Crisp and sunny Sunday wandering around Central London with my love. 
2. Quality time with my littlest brother, Ethan, on Saturday. Still young enough to want a cuddle from his big sister - I'm savouring every little moment.
3. Frost creeping in on chilly mornings. 
4. Early evenings as an excuse to light every candle and switch on all the fairy lights. 
5. Christmas Adverts & Christmas Cups. I generally try not to get too Christmassy until after my birthday at the end of the month, but as it is the best time of year I tend to get very over excited about the little things!
6. Making festive December plans (We're spending a long weekend in Bath, would love any recommendations!) 
7. A trip to the Country Living Christmas Fair with my Mumma - picked up some lovely pieces from the amazing range of traders and had a perfect day with Mum! 
8. STRANGER THINGS 2. That is all.
9. Temperatures cold enough to wear coats and scarves. All about layers!
10. Nails Inc. Kensington High Street - always an Autumn Winter favourite.

What's made you happy this week?


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