Friday 23 September 2016

10 Things {23rd September}

The last two weeks have been 'take it easy' weeks. Mum was recovering from her operation and I was looking after her so most days were spent running errands, keeping on top of housework and watching cheesy TV and countless episodes of Friends with Mum on the sofa. Here's a couple of things that have put a smile on my face this week...

Roses, Tea & Blogosphere Magazine

1. I'll be starting my very first internship at The Blogger Programme on Monday. Exciting times. 
2. Homemade plum jam. I'm putting it on everything. Everything. 
3. Seeing a flash of orange on the trees, bring on the crunchy leaves. 
4. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and reading before bed. Definitely helping my sleeping pattern.
5. Two TV shows have had me hooked recently. Our Girl and Cold Feet. They are both BRILL.
6. Date night this evening with Henry. Now we don't live in Brighton, we're 45minutes away from each other and working all week. Any time now spent together truly is quality time. 
7. Seeing my best friend in a production of RENT on Saturday. She absolutely smashed it, she stole the show and it blew me away. Seeing as dancing, singing and acting was the reason we met in the first place all those years ago, it was so nice to see her doing it again!
8. Reaching 1000 Subscribers on my YouTube channel. Little mini milestones that I'm slowly ticking off one by one. It may be small in the grand scheme of things, but you have to start somewhere right?
9. A slight Autumn Chill in the air, Looking forward to all the crisp/chilly but sunny days...
10. Autumn content. With this being my favourite time of year, I'm so excited to shoot lookbooks, outfit posts and everything I possibly can that's Autumn related. I'm a little apprehensive as to what it will be like when I'm working full time for the next month, but I'll make it work, I'm sure.

What's made you happy this week?


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