Tuesday 26 April 2016

Taking A Break...

Life's suddenly got a little bit crazy. I have just about a month left for all my university deadlines, a practical exam in June, then I'll moving back home and then the rest of my life looms. It's all getting a little too much. I'm beyond stressed and just feeling a little crap about the whole thing! But I know I just have to power on through the next month, then it's nearly all done and I'll be so happy I gave it my all. 
I hope you lovely people don't mind, but I'll be taking a break from weekly vlogging for a couple of weeks to focus on my degree and putting my all into my work. There'll still be blog posts and 'sit down' videos, but if things aren't there on the right day, bare with me! 

I'm so excited to have more time for my blog again in June. You better be ready! 

1 comment

  1. I hope this month goes well for you girly, you can do it! *insert muscle arm emoji" I look forward to seeing your vlogs and things again soon!


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