Monday 11 April 2016

My Essay Playlist

I'm currently spending most of my days writing essays, I have thousands and thousands of words to write and sometimes silence around me just won't cut it. I am a singer, writing for a professional musicianship degree, so a little music playing quietly whilst I work can't hurt, right? I put this playlist together with some of the tracks I find most calming, relaxing and enjoyable whilst working my way through my dissertation. There's a bit of Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran & Causes mixed in with some tropical house - which may be an odd mix, but it seems to get me through the day so I'll stick with it! If you like Tropical House, I also love this Kygo Mix on YouTube too. 

So whether you're a third year uni student like me, stressing over your a-levels or doing your GCSE coursework, give this playlist a go! 

Good luck with the essays! They'll be over soon, we can get through this together! 


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