Friday 11 December 2015

Tips For Putting Together A Student Christmas

This week I had christmas with all my uni friends before we headed back to our hometowns for a few weeks. It was a night of great food (if I do say so myself!) festive fun and games and a lot of laughs. I thought I'd pop a few tips on here for how to put together a great student christmas without breaking the bank. 

- Decide how much you'll each pay. We decided to all put in £5 to cover the cost of the food and a few extras. If you all decide a small amount to pay you'll have more than enough food for everyone. It's much easier to all put money in than trying to split who gets what. You can decide to just get food for a christmas dinner or you can add in sweet treats, crackers, decorations and nibbles too! 

- Secret Santa! Keep the price limit low and go for silly presents. A £2 spending limit and a trip to poundland and your living room will be full of plastic bow and arrows and plastic tiaras!

- Create your christmas playlists and don your christmas jumpers! Things can feel pretty 'un-festive' at uni, you don't really want to splash out on decorations when you're going home in a few days, so make the most of what you've got! 

- Whoever cooks, doesn't clean! Make sure everyone does their bit, if you've cooked the whole meal, get the others doing the washing up.

Most of all. Have a lot of fun! My memories with my uni friends are my memories with my best friends, ones I will always remember! 

Are you putting on a christmas with your friends this year? Let me know your plans! 


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