Monday 16 November 2015

Favourite Things {three}

I really loved this shot taken by Henry when we were shooting for my Autumn Lookbook.
I feel like I need to have a little blog brainstorm. I've got lots of ideas milling about in my brain, but they're all things that take a lot of planning, creating, shooting and editing. Sometimes I need some blog posts that are a little more effortless, but the same quality. That's why I enjoy writing these posts, I get to look back on my week and pick out happy moments and I don't have to wait for the right weird Autumn lighting to write it... 

- Having a few days away. Last week I stayed with Henry's family whilst he's been on tour. I've been filming the tour for Saltlake, so it was a great excuse to get out of Brighton for a few days. I got the chance to see some of my family, get some country air, sit in front of the fire place and really relax. (not for too long though, the moment it hit gig o'clock and I was out the door with the camera in my hand!) 

- Realisation. I need to put my laptop down. As a student and a blogger/youtuber, I spend a hell of a  lot of time starting at screens. Not only that, but then in my spare time I'll open my laptop and browse online stores, watch YouTube videos or scroll through twitter. Then I might pick my phone and check Instagram. Then I'll possibly pop the TV on to catch up on some new shows. My eyes start to ache and I realise just how long I've been starting at the same screen... Screens, screens, screens. You may be confused as to why this is in a good things post, but I'm quite happy that I've realised that it has all got a little too much. I'm excited at the prospect of switching off the electronics and finding some hobbies that don't make my eyes ache!

- Chunky knitted jumpers. Like wearing a hug. 

- Christmas Adverts. I'm sorry, I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I'm looooving the Christmas adverts. John Lewis had me in tears and Sainsbury's was just super cute. Just waiting for the Coca Cola Christmas Advert and then you're actually allowed to get excited...

What are some of your favourite things? ♥  


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