Monday 24 August 2015

Get Your Holiday Suitcase Right!

It may be the end of August, but I'm off to Greece next week so I'm just getting into holiday mode. I really wanted to write a 'packing post', so despite September being just around the corner, I though I'd do it anyway. Lets face it, people travel all year round so it'll hopefully still be useful. This is a checklist of everything I can't forget to take on a beach holiday with me. Let me know if I've missed anything super important!
I M P O R T A N T ! 

The things you will definitely need to remember before you jet off on your holiday. 

Changed Up Money
Any Tickets/Hotel Documents
Visa/Esta (If necessary)
European Health Insurance Card (If necessary)
Medication (If necessary)

Have you got all the important documents you need? Any Medication you have to take? Have you changed up your money? 

H A N D  L U G G A G E ! 

Cardigan/Jumper - Airplanes can get a bit chilly!
Travel Sweets
Anything you would hate to lose in your luggage (Something very expensive/sentimental, important jewellery etc.)

Remember your liquids should be under 100ml & in a clear plastic bag.

S U I T C A S E ! 

Clothes - plan out your outfits for each day. Remember if you're on a beach holiday then the majority of the day time you'll be in a bikini & a kaftan!
Beach Towel - This one is SO easy to forget!
Toiletries - Don't worry... this has its own category.
Travel Adapters!

T O I L E T R I E S ! 

Make Up - You won't need 3 different mascaras, 10 different lipsticks and 5 different foundations, so pack when you'll definitely be wanting. Maybe even plan out a few evenings looks before you go.
Sun Cream
After Sun
Shower Gel
Shampoo & Conditioner
Body Scrub/Exfoliating gloves
Razor & Shaving Gel
Hair Products - Sun protection oils are so important on holiday, especially if you're dipping out of pools/the sea all day too.
Insect repellent
Make Up Removers
Face Skincare
Hair Brush
Nail Varnish & Remover

I also just uploaded a Huge Holiday Haul to my channel, have you seen it yet?

So all in all, us girls have a hell of a lot to pack for a holiday and every reason to be over the luggage limit, right?


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