Saturday 8 August 2015

A Day At The Races

After planning it month ago, my friends and I finally spent the day at the races. It had been a long time coming so we were all really looking forward to it! We all convened at Ash's house before hand to catch up.
This dress is ever so special, more on that later on though. A few glasses of prosecco and a couple of games of pool later, we were caught up with each other. It's safe to say I need to brush up on my pool skills.. especially if I'm playing against Garf... Trick shots. Everywhere. 
We arrived at the races and I wanted to snap a photo of the boys all suited and booted, they're all looking so handsome!
Ready, Set, GO! 

We were winners! Well Done Horse Number 4, Mountain Music! (Super appropriate name for Henry, Garf & I)
It's a super satisfying feeling when you win on your first bet! (okay, we went and lost every other bet.. but we still broke-even!) 

This dress was handmade for me by my incredible Granny. I can't believe how beautifully made it is, it fits like a glove and the material is perfect for Summer! I won't go into too much detail as I have an outfit post idea ready and raring to go. 
My man, looking dapper as always. 
Whats the perfect way to end a day at the races? I hear you say. Well, watching a Bon Jovi Tribute band obviously! Singing my heart out to Livin' On A Prayer is one of my favourite things to do, so why not do with my best friends (plus a few thousand others...) whilst the sunsets! 
It was such a lovely day, I think we should definitely make it an annual thing! 


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