Sunday 30 March 2014

Sam-iversary #25

How my big brother is 25 I have no idea?! 
Every single one of mine and my brother's birthdays involves getting the family together for birthday tea! My mum felt that this year, it was time for a change, to make it a little more grown up, so we had a yummy buffet lunch instead. It was so lovely so see all my family and celebrate Sam's birthday!
Even took out the old home videos, so embarrassing!

I believe this moment was Sam asking what Ethan had drawn next to his name on his birthday card.
Ethan's response? 'A poo'

Ethan's Tea and Coffee charts for my mum, apparently 'M' is for 'mericano' haha!

My lemon drizzle cake was a success! It was so super lemon-y and drizzle-y, which is pretty much all you can want from a lemon drizzle cake, no? I will definitely be making this cake again (Henry's already told me that I can make it at uni!) Check out the recipe here!



  1. Wow your Mum is a bit of a domestic goddess! The food all looks amazing! x

  2. I loved looking at all of those pictures, you looked like you had a great time. Family time is indeed the best :3


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