Friday 22 November 2013

i'm turning nineteen!

28th November 1994 (put it in the diary!) 

(illustration by inslee)

I am the biggest child when it comes to my birthday. It get so super super excited and, despite 19 not being the most exciting age, I'm just as excited to celebrate my birthday this year! Family birthday tea is one of my favourite things ever and it will be lovely to be at homeMy best friend, Charlie, is coming down from Southampton to visit and I miss her like crazy and can't wait to catch up on everything (like our regular hour long phone calls aren't enough...) Due to it being assessment week (mine is on monday... eeek!) I have no lessons on my birthday! Celebrating in brighton will be so much fun and I will be documenting the whole day on here in a very photo heavy post. I might even use the big girl camera....

what's your favourite thing about birthdays?!

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