Sunday 6 January 2019

2019 Goals (and how I'm going to achieve them this year)

I am so keen when it comes to a new year. A clean slate, fresh year, a new start and controversially I'm not completely opposed to 'new year, new me' mantra... Whilst I don't think you can change your entire persona at a clock turning midnight, you can channel 'new year, best version of me' which is what I try to do. I love setting NY resolutions and smaller goals to hit throughout the year.

Some of these things are a bit of a given for me this year, but there's nothing wrong with setting a realistic goal and I'm excited to know I actually have to achieve some of these! 

Cook & learn more recipes
I'm enjoying having my own kitchen to cook in! After we moved, November and December were such busy months for us, things like cooking new and exciting dishes for dinner were overlooked for easy curries and spaghetti bolognese. This year, Henry and I both want to cook more and expand our go-to recipes to somethings a little more exciting. We want to nail a bloody good roast too. 

Use less plastic
I want to be more mindful of the single-use plastic I'm consuming on a daily basis. A few simple changes such as carrying on using my Hydrate m8 water bottles over picking up bottled water on the go, taking re-usable bags to the supermarket and putting veg in paper bags. We've only got one planet and we all need to do our bit. 

Be more on top of money
Another one that is, personally, a bit of a given this year, I want to be on top of my finances. I say this, as it comes hand in hand with renting a property and a gazillion bills for various things coming out of my account each month. Not knowing where I'm at with money is something that makes me anxious and if I'm on top of things, it will help my headspace. 

Practice Calligraphy
This one has for sure been a NY resolution before but I've made the first move by ordering myself a pen holder, nibs and ink from Quill. I think it's SO impressive when someone can write things beautifully! I've also been practising some brush lettering on 'Procreate' with my iPad and Apple pencil too. Excited to learn a new skill!

Live in the moment more - less scrolling, more living
LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT. Burn the expensive candles, put your phone down, wear the red lipstick, cover the walls in things that inspire you, dance in your kitchen, just post the selfie, spend actual quality time with your family, laugh with your friends until the sun comes up, tell people you love them, compliment strangers, scroll less and LIVE MORE.


To make thing's a bit more manageable, I'll be setting myself monthly things to focus on these. The bigger picture and end goal isn't always the best thing to keep you motivated, it seems too overwhelming and unachievable, so I'd be more likely to put it off. I'll be sharing my monthly goals as and when I can - last years full time job and blog balance is an example of why I can't quite commit to saying each month...!

What are your NY goals?

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