Friday 6 October 2017

Pumpkin Patch

Every time Autumn rolls around I wish I lived in America to go and admire row upon row of pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch. This year, however, I scouted out a local PYO farm that had pumpkins and squashes and headed down there on their last weekend of the season. 

I have always loved Pick Your Own farms.

There's something so exciting about finding endless coloured jewels of fruit and veg among the foliage. I'm used to picking raspberries and strawberries, pumpkins are a little easier to spot! I discovered Roundstone Farm last year in one of Zoella's vlogs and wanted to go this Summer for fruit picking, but having missed the chance I was excited to go for some Autumn goods instead!

We wandered through the field discovering cabbages, raspberries and all sorts of other vegetables before stumbling upon the pumpkin patch. After wandering about the patch, we picked our perfect pumpkin and headed off to weigh and pay! I also grabbed a a blue pumpkin which apparently are best for eating (but look like aliens!) and some pretty squashes from the farm shop too. 

I'd definitely recommend spending an afternoon at a PYO farm to collect up your pumpkins for Halloween or Autumn styling around and about the house. Roundstone farm is now closed for the season but just a quick google search will tell you where your local one is! 

p.s. there's a vlog of our visit coming on Sunday!

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